• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Holistic care makes breast cancer journey easier to navigate

October 14, 2018

Dr. Dawn Mussallem in her office consulting with breast cancer patient Jennifer DeaderickAs she thought about her cancer treatment options, Jennifer Deaderick knew she wanted to include therapies that would take all of her needs into account. She found the type of whole-person care she was looking for at Mayo Clinic.

Jennifer Deaderick has always loved a good adventure. In 2014, the occupational therapist moved from California to England. Two years later, she quit her job to explore Mexico, Central America and Asia.

"The world felt full of possibility," Jennifer says, remembering the morning of her 40th birthday. "My spirit felt free and my body invincible."

Just after New Year's 2017, Jennifer and her significant other, Phil, were in Costa Rica when she felt something on her right breast. Because she had always been in good physical condition, Jennifer wasn't too concerned.

"I thought it was from my new backpack since one of the straps lay directly across my chest," she says. But after a month without improvement, Jennifer and Phil hiked to a medical clinic. An ultrasound and biopsy were performed, and Jennifer was handed a report in Spanish.

"I'll never forget, Phil and I reading and rereading the biopsy report, hoping that our taxicab Spanish translation was not the correct interpretation," says Jennifer.

The report said she had breast cancer. Read the rest of Jennifer's story.

This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.