• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Innovative radiation treatment slows liver cancer

June 18, 2017

Sharing Mayo Clinic patient Mark Turnbull sitting near a wall and smiling
One night when a sharp pain in his side woke him from a sound sleep, Mark Turnbull dismissed the discomfort and assumed it would go away by morning. But the pain only intensified as the night went on.

In the morning, the 61-year-old Hudson, Wisconsin, resident visited his doctor. He went through a battery of tests, including blood work and an X-ray. The test results initially pointed toward pneumonia. However, an MRI revealed something far worse: advanced liver cancer.

Mark's pain was caused by a grapefruit-sized tumor that was pinching a nerve. He learned that surgery and treatments would help, but it was very unlikely that his disease could be cured. From that point on, however, Mark has been determined to maintain a positive outlook.

"When the doctor told me I had cancer, I said, 'OK. Now how can we work with this?'" he says. "God's put me in this position, and I've embraced it." Read the rest of Mark's story.
This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.