• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Persistent sore throat leads to life-saving care

January 7, 2018

When George Campbell was told his nagging sore throat was actually cancer, he could have stayed near home for treatment. Instead, he chose to pack up and drive 1,000 miles to Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus based on a friend's positive experience there.

George Campbell thought he just had a sore throat. But when the pain and irritation persisted for several months, his primary care physician in Atlanta decided it was time to refer him to a specialist.

"We eventually figured out it was something more serious than a sore throat," George says. Something much more serious, in fact, as test results revealed that George had throat cancer.

George could have stayed close to home for treatment, but he decided on something different. A friend had recently gone to Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Based on that experience, George knew Mayo Clinic was where he wanted to go, too.

George put in a call to Mayo Clinic's appointment line. "They basically said, 'How soon can you get here?'" George recalls. "And I said, 'Wednesday.'" Read the rest of George's story. ___________________________________________________________
This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.