• Sharing Mayo Clinic: Robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery restores active lifestyle

Herminia "Mini" Kincaid hiking and walking in the outdoors

Over time, knee pain began to severely limit Mini Kincaid's enjoyment of the activities she loved. But with robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery at Mayo Clinic, Mini is ready to get back in action.

Herminia "Mini" Kincaid has been active her entire life — running, skiing and playing everything from soccer to golf to tennis. But over the years, all that activity took a toll. Wear and tear, arthritis and meniscus tears added up to increasing knee pain and decreasing abilities.

A friend recommended to Mini that she go to Mayo Clinic and orthopedic surgeon Cedric Ortiguera, M.D., citing a positive experience the friend had with treatment on his own knees. Mini took the advice and made an appointment to see Dr. Ortiguera at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus. He advised that a knee replacement would be her best bet. But Mini wasn't convinced. She feared the surgery may cause her to lose her mobility.

Initially, Mini opted to try cortisone injections and other therapies instead. But eventually the pain took over. When she had to stop doing activities she loved, like running and tennis, and she found it took days to recover when she did too much, Mini realized she needed another approach. Read the rest of Mini's story.

This article originally appeared on the Sharing Mayo Clinic blog.

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