• By Dana Sparks

Sharing Mayo Clinic: Spinal Cord Stimulator Eases Pain

January 8, 2017

patient Paul Hesson with doctor in exam roomWhen he was 38, Paul Hesson was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, and the condition triggered significant chronic back pain. “Back then, they said I had the back of a 75-year-old man,” says Paul, who is 75 now.

As Paul got older, his pain increased, and he had severe joint stiffness. He went to see several neurosurgeons in the Jacksonville, Florida, area and received differing opinions for how to treat his condition. Ultimately, he decided to use medication to manage the pain. But by 2014, Paul’s pain worsened to the point that it limited his day-to-day activities. He knew he needed to do something more.

“The pain was like a fist that you squeeze and can’t let go of, and it started radiating down my legs,” Paul says. “I used to be able to golf and walk five miles a week. I used to go to the gym, and I couldn’t do that anymore.” Read the rest of Paul's story.