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    Slim your screen time with this summer challenge

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OWATONNA, Minn. — Many people spend too much time staring at a screen. While screens are a part of today's culture, reducing screen time can have health benefits, including improved physical health, decreased obesity and higher quality sleep.

This summer, Mayo Clinic Health System encourages people to make the most of life by living life fully — present and in the moment. They can join Mayo Clinic Health System for a free virtual challenge to reduce their screen time so they can play, explore and connect more.

How the challenge works

Participants will complete 30 or more activities from a list of over 100 ideas. They can complete them when it works best for their schedule. Then they check off completed activities from the provided checklist for a fun way to track their progress.

Participants will receive three emails along the way:

  • A welcome email will include a free printable checklist and an interactive digital checklist, along with bonus activities and motivational content.
  • A midpoint email will include bonus activities and motivational content.
  • A final email will include a survey to help Mayo Clinic Health System evaluate the program.

People can learn more and register on Mayo Clinic Health System's website. They can participate in the challenge with their family or friends or whomever they choose.


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