• Software Identifies Risk Posed by Lung Nodules

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at Mayo Clinic has developed a new software tool to noninvasively characterize pulmonary adenocarcinoma, a common type of cancerous nodule in the lungs. Tobias Peikert, M.D., a Mayo Clinic pulmonologist and senior author of the study, says,“Pulmonary adenocarcinoma is the most common type of lung cancer and early detection using traditional computed tomography (CT) scans can lead to a better prognosis. However, a large number of lung nodules identified by CT scans turn out to be benign and a subgroup of adenocarcinomas may very slow growing and may be treatable with less extensive surgery.” Results from a pilot study of the computer-aided nodule assessment and risk yield (CANARY) are published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology.       

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Expert title for broadcast cg: Dr. Tobias Peikert, Mayo Clinic Pulmonologist

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