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    Something to Think About ~ A Different World

model clay globe resting in person's hand

"You have a choice—to look at the people in the world with suspicion or kindness. If you let your ancestral predisposition stay with you all the time, you’ll look at the world with suspicion. Instead, when you feel safe, choose to look at others with kindness. The more you look at others with kindness, the more kindness you will find. Once you change how you look at your world, you’ll change your world." -Dr. Amit Sood

Dr. Amit Sood, is director of research in the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He also chairs the Mind-Body Medicine Initiative at Mayo Clinic. You can read previous blogposts by Dr. Sood and follow him on Twitter @AmitSoodMD.