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    Still in the Running Thanks to Kidney Transplant

Olympian Aries Merritt jumping a hurdle on a trackThe 2016 Olympic games are underway. Gold medal hurdler Aries Merritt came within an eye blink of making the U.S. team to defend his title. Only a scant .01 seconds at the track and field trials in July kept him from making the trip to Rio. But, the fact he was even in the running is a major victory in itself.Olympian Aries Merritt in hospital with sister before kidney transplantJust one year ago, kidney disease threatened not just Merritt's career, but also his life. Mayo Clinic physicians figured out what was making him sick, and guided him through the kidney transplant that put him back in the race. His living donor hero turned out to be his own sister. Dennis Douda has his story.

Watch: Still in the Running Thanks to Kidney Transplant

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