• Straightening Scoliosis (pkg)

'Mayo 150 years serving humanity' 150th Sesquicentennial LogoScoliosis is a condition that causes your spine to curve. It’s often diagnosed during the early teen years and many times can be corrected with a brace. But the little boy you’re about to meet was born with it and because a vertebra in his spine was misshaped, bracing wouldn't work. However, thanks to a special relationship between Mayo Clinic and Shriner’s Hospitals for Children — Twin Cities, he had surgery and received the treatment he needed.  [TRT 3:55]

Journalists: The full package, additional b-roll and animation are available in the downloads. To access the script, click here.   

This is a special report produced for the Mayo Clinic 150th Anniversary Collection of Stories. To view other stories and learn about Mayo Clinic's sesquicentennial, please click here.

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