• Study Finds Transoral Robotic Surgery Safe and Effective In Treating Some Throat Cancers

A new Mayo Clinic study found that the use of transoral robotic surgery for the treatment of tonsil and base of tongue cancers is safe, effective and enables faster recovery times. The results of this research were even more positive than we expected. We found great advantages to using transoral robotic surgery for tonsil and base of tongue cancers, says Eric Moore, M.D. study author and a head and neck surgeon at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. There were no major complications, no tumor recurrence and, when compared to traditional surgeries, patients began swallowing on their own sooner and left the hospital sooner. Dr. Moore and his team performed transoral robotic surgery to remove tumors in 45 patients. The average hospital stay for these patients was 2.3 days, as compared with seven to 10 days for traditional surgery. Additionally, the removal of feeding tubes in patients undergoing transoral robotic surgery occurred an average of seven to 10 days after surgery, compared with two to three months for traditional surgery.


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