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    Superheroes Swing By Mayo Clinic Children’s Center

Window washer in Spiderman costume cleaning large hospital window


For more than 30 years, Roger Corcoran has been cleaning windows at Mayo Clinic, but earlier this week he and two of his fellow window washers, John Carroll and Kyle Smith, went from being everyday grime fighters to superhero crime fighters.

The team from Child Life Services gathered pediatric patients in the third floor atrium of Mayo Eugenio Litta Children’s Hospital to have a superhero celebration, and little did the children know Spiderman, Batman and The Incredible Hulk were also invited! The superheroes played a short game of tag on the windows and then dropped out of view. A few minutes later, they arrived inside the atrium to meet with the patients and the crowd that had gathered.

Charles Kleber, managing director at ISS Facility Services, says Mayo asked them to consider doing a superhero drop in. “We had never done anything like this before, but once they mentioned it, we wanted to make it happen,” says  Kleber. “Roger, John and Kyle volunteered to don the costumes.”

Earlier in the day, the three superheroes also made a stop to see the pediatric patients in the transplant ICU. When one of the little patients saw the superheroes, he made a beeline for Spiderman and wrapped his arms around his legs. “The look on the little guy’s face was why we did it,” Kleber shares. “We did this for the kids.”