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    Tanya’s Heart


Update 1/26/09: ABC's World News Tonight ran a story on Jan. 24 featuring Tanya. You can view and read it here.

KSTP-TV (Minneapolis) and its sister station, KAAL (Austin-Rochester) carried a story yesterday about a woman from North Dakota who was flown by Mayo MedAir to Rochester for care at Mayo Clinic. Here's an excerpt:

Tanya Ginther was ruled clinically dead twice before doctors could figure out how to stabilize her heart. Now, she’s sharing her incredible story of survival.

Tanya and her husband Mike were packing up the car for Christmas at their North Dakota home a year ago when Tanya went into cardiac arrest on the garage floor.

The closest ambulance was 20 minutes away and an hour's drive to a major hospital. For 16 minutes, Mike refused to let his wife die.

You can read and view the entire story here.

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