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    Targeting Glioblastoma Brain Tumors with Continuous Electrical Pulses

Mayo Clinic in Arizona is the first and only clinical center in the U.S. Southwest to offer a new treatment that disrupts the growth of recurrent glioblastoma brain tumors. These are the most common and aggressive primary brain tumors and have been called grow-and-go tumors. The new treatment features a portable, noninvasive medical device that affixes to a patient’s head and provides continuous electrical pulses targeted to tumor sites throughout the day.

Neurologist Alyx Porter, M.D., says, “The brain is such a specialized organ that surgery is not always an option like it is with other tumor types. As science progresses, we are constantly looking at new ways to diagnose with advanced imagery and molecularly analyze tumors to better tailor treatment. What's exciting is that we’re now able to offer an option to patients who have not been able to tolerate other treatments.”

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