• The Discovery That Changes Everything

Carrie EdwardsI am a hard charging, creative, passionate person who listens to her “inner voice” as much as possible. Earlier this year, I was having multiple ear and throat infections which were not responsive to antibiotics.  After three rounds, my doctor decided to feel my throat – which led to a sonogram, followed by a biopsy.  At the time of my biopsy, the two very tenured doctors who are top in the DC area assured me that “you won’t have thyroid cancer” no one ever gets it, it is very rare…. within five minutes they were back in the room…. this time letting me know very casually that I did in fact have thyroid cancer, which is “the good kind to have.”

Following surgery, pathology revealed that I had stage 3 cancer. I saw three top doctors, who specialize in thyroid cancer treatment.  All agreed I needed aggressive radioactive iodine treatment as soon as possible.  I took a step back and listened to “that voice” that said to call the Mayo clinic hotline number. The woman who answered the hotline located the right team for me to read my pathology report to one of the ENT team. I flew to Mayo Clinic in Rochester four days later.  The only way I can describe my experience is to relate it to shopping at Nordstrom vs. any other store.  The level of care and service is truly the best in the world. At the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, I felt heard, understood and respected - truly a critical part of the team helping me to get better.  It was the most amazing, customer centric medical experience I have ever had.

I would like to give my thanks and appreciation to Dr. Eric Moore in the ENT division who got me quickly in the system, evaluated and on my way to Dr. Bryan McIver in Endocrinology. Dr. McIver and his team are absolutely incredible. Throughout  this year, they have gone out of their way to be responsive, thorough and reassuring.  That includes online, on the phone or any time I have a question. As it turns out watchful waiting, frequent checks and education have been the best tools in my healing journey.  I feel like I am truly in the BEST hands, and very blessed to be looking ahead to a Happy New Year!

Written by:
Carrie Edwards, 55
Mom of 3 grown children, married to a first responder
Washington DC area

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