• The Heat Is On: Be Safe In These Summer Temperatures

Expert Alert: Mayo Clinic Emergency Medicine Physician is available to give tips on surviving in this scorching heat

People across the U.S. are enduring a sweltering heat wave – with temperatures and the heat index reaching well into the 100-degree range, putting many people at risk for heatstroke and even death.  High humidity, certain health problems and some medications such as heart or psychiatric medications increase your risk of heatstroke. So does being a young child or older adult.  Untreated heatstroke can damage your brain, heart, kidneys and muscles. Dr. David Claypool is an emergency medicine physician who treats heatstroke at Mayo Clinic, and he says these injuries get worse the longer treatment is delayed.

To interview Dr. Claypool please contact: 

Nick Hanson
507-284-5005 (days)
507-284-2511 (evenings)
Email: newsbureau@mayo.edu

B-roll of people in the heat is available in the downloads above.(construction workers/bicyclist/swimmers/golfer)

More information about first aid for heatstroke. 

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