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    The Shaffers: Giving Back to Mayo Clinic

Anne Louise and Larry ShafferAnne Louise and Larry Shaffer, both volunteers at Mayo Clinic for the last seven years, met while working at Sears national headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. She was a jack of all trades working in various departments including buying, marketing, and information technology. He worked on the retail side, opening new stores all over the country. The Shaffers remained at Sears for over twenty years.

The Shaffers share many experiences at Mayo Clinic including Larry’s decision to frequently donate blood at Mayo Clinic in Rochester whenever the need arose in the community. When Anne Louise’s father suffered from a hole in his foot, every doctor he saw in Illinois wanted to amputate his leg.

They decided to take him to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a second opinion and Anne Louise says, “Mayo saved his leg and he was actually able to use it until the day he died, none of the other doctors in Illinois would have done that.” She adds, “The people at Mayo were so generous and so kind to us.”

Both express how they were forever grateful. When Anne Louise and Larry experienced how Mayo Clinic places the needs of the patient first, they decided to give back. For close to ten years, they have both volunteered at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Anne Louise is an ambassador at the elevators on the lower level and helps people navigate the Mayo Clinic Building. Larry works at the first floor information desk, greets everyone who walks by and answers any questions they may have. Also, they are team leaders for all of the volunteers who are ambassadors and assist in their training.

When the Shaffers are not donating their time to Mayo Clinic, they stay busy in their community. Anne Louise is very involved in her church. Both contribute their time to their Home Owner’s Association which includes managing the landscaping, irrigation, and swimming pool. Traveling and visiting family keep the Shaffers busy as well since they have eight grandchildren in Illinois ranging in age from two to twenty-eight years old.

Anne Louise and Larry say they feel very fortunate to be a part of the Mayo Clinic family as both patients and volunteers.