• Planning on Tanning?

Tanning seems to be a year-round business but with recent news about melanoma increasing for people under forty, some might think twice before baking in the sun or visiting a tanning bed.  Actually, Mayo Clinic Dermatologist Dr. Dawn Davis says there are other risks than skin cancer.

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Expert Title:   Dr. Dawn Davis  -  Mayo Clinic Pediatric Dermatologist

A recent congressional investigation  accused the tanning bed industry of misleading teenagers about the health risks.  Here are some highlights from that report:

  • 90% of the salons reported that there is no health risk in regard to indoor tanning.
  • Four out of five salons surveyed insisted that tanning would be good/healthy.
  • Nearly all salons denied the known risks of indoor tanning.
  • Four out of five salons falsely claimed that indoor tanning is beneficial to a young person’s health.
  • Salons used many approaches to minimize the health risks of indoor tanning.
  • Tanning salons fail to follow FDA recommendations on tanning frequency.
  • Tanning salons target teenage girls in their advertisements.


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