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    Tinnitus and age-related hearing loss / pancreatic cancer treatments / herniated disk: Mayo Clinic Radio

Tinnitus (TIN-ih-tus) is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. Tinnitus is a common problem that affects about 1 in 5 people. It may affect one or both ears. The noise or ringing may be present all the time, or it may come and go. Although it can worsen with age, for many people, tinnitus can improve with treatment. Treating an identified underlying cause sometimes helps. Other treatments reduce or mask the noise, making tinnitus less noticeable.

On the next Mayo Clinic Radio program, Dr. Gayla Poling, director of Adult and Pediatric Diagnostics in Audiology at Mayo Clinic, will discuss tinnitus and other age-related hearing loss problems. Also on the program, Dr. Santhi Swaroop Vege, a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic, will share how new treatment protocols for pancreatic cancer are improving outcomes. And Dr. Brett Freedman, an orthopedic surgeon at Mayo Clinic, will explain treatment options for a herniated disk.

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