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    Tips for connecting to Mayo Clinic using Patient Online Services

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ROCHESTER, Minn. ― Telehealth is becoming more important as a way of delivering health care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Video appointments are one form of telehealth that is seeing an increased usage.

Patients also can take advantage of the telehealth offerings available through patient portals.

Mayo Clinic's patient portal, Patient Online Services, offers its patients several ways to connect to care teams and monitor their health.

"The patient portal serves as a digital gateway to health care. Patients can view their medical records and send messages to their care teams, as well as schedule appointments and refill prescriptions," says Brian Costello, M.D., medical director for Asynchronous Services in Mayo Clinic's Center for Connected Care "The portal is an integral part of telehealth, allowing doctors and patients access to information and connections to each other."

Video appointments are conducted using communication software accessible through Patient Online Services. This software complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Using this software, patients log in to Patient Online Services and in a few clicks are connected to their health care provider for the video appointment.

Patients also can use Patient Online Services to:

  • Conduct a COVID-19 self-assessment.
    They can select this feature, answer a few questions, and immediately receive a response as to whether they should be tested for COVID-19 and how to arrange that testing.
  • Take advantage of Mayo Clinic Express Care Online.
    This feature offers quick, convenient online care for patients with COVID-19 symptoms. Patients submit a questionnaire, and within one hour, medical professionals will review the answers and provide a response within an hour. This service is available 24/7 for patients with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Answer questionnaires before appointments.
    Answering questionnaires online saves time at in-person appointments, minimizing contact between patients and other people. Questionnaires can be completed online before video appointments, as well.

"Telehealth is critical for managing health care during our response to COVID-19. Whether connecting to patients through video appointments or patient portals, telehealth solutions encourage social distancing and allow health care professionals to provide quality care to patients," says Steve Ommen, M.D., medical director for Mayo Clinic's Center for Connected Care.

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