Part of my job as a clinical dietitian is to teach others how to be healthy. I'm sure other employees feel as I do that sometimes it's hard to practice what we preach. Because of the new LiveWell program at Mayo Clinic, this isn't as much of an obstacle anymore.

The LiveWell program offers many tools to help keep us on a healthy track. Initially, I took a health risk assessment that helped me determine my weaknesses (exercise and stress being the top runners). LiveWell offered me things that I could do to make changes. My co-worker and I formed a walking team and walked daily around campus, which set me in the right direction with fitness. I also attended a class offered through the program on stress management, which gave me great strategies.

The employee cafeteria now features daily LiveWell healthy menu items. A registered dietitian selected the foods and modified them as needed to meet healthy levels of sodium and fat.

While these are the tools I used to help my health and well being, the LiveWell program offers many more. These include smoking cessation programs and health information at the touch of a computer. The LiveWell program is just one of the wonderful perks of being a Mayo Clinic employee.

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Written by Leigh Ann Seaman, clinical dietitian at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla.

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