• Touring and Tweeting #MayoClinicFL with #ilovejax

photoOn Thursday August 23, Dr. William C. Rupp, CEO of Mayo Clinic in Florida, hosted a tour of the campus for approximately 30 members of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, as part of the Chamber’s #ilovejax campaign.

The tour highlighted Mayo’s patient care shield with a visits to patient care floors and the emergency department led by Dr. Nancy Dawson and Hilary Mathews.

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The guests then visited Laboratory Medicine in the Stabile Building where Nancy Moody and Frank Ray showed them some of the esoteric testing done by Mayo Medical Laboratories in support for more than 65 hospitals in the Southeast. They also visited the temporary Simulation Center where they discussed the latest technology in robot simulation with Gene Richie.

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During a bus tour of the West Campus, Dr. Rupp discussed how integration and teamwork set Mayo apart and shared plans for future campus expansion.

Throughout the 2+ hour tour, there were photos and tweets being shared in realtime from @JAXChamber, @MayoClinic and many others' twitter accounts using the #ilovejax hashtag...

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So here's an interesting side note about the date of of this #ilovejax tour of Mayo's Florida campus, August 23rd. The primary function of the #ilovejax campaign is to use the hashtag "#ilovejax" when you are tweeting about things in Jacksonville, Florida that you love. Well the idea of using hashtags in tweets wasn't started by twitter, but by one of their users, exactly 5 years ago on August 23, 2007, with this tweet:
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And speaking of hashtags, @MayoClinic has just the one twitter account to represent all 3 campuses, yet does make use of hashtags when we want to specify an exact location...

Mayo Clinic in Arizona = #MayoClinicAZ
Mayo Clinic in Florida = #MayoClinicFL
Mayo Clinic in Minnesota = #MayoClinicMN

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Happy tweeting!
@JasonPratt, social media specialist at Mayo Clinic in Florida 🙂

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