• By Dana Sparks

Treating POTS: A Teenage Syndrome Solution

October 15, 2014

'Mayo 150 years serving humanity' 150th Sesquicentennial LogoMaybe you’ve heard the complaints: I’m too tired to get up, my stomach hurts, I just want to sleep. These symptoms might be typical of some teenagers, but for others they're signs of a very real illness called postural tachycardia syndrome or POTS. Today, social media has helped spread awareness of the syndrome, but historical documents suggest Dr. William Worrall Mayo, founder of Mayo Clinic, may have treated young people with it more than a century ago. [TRT 4:43]

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I was just recently diagnosed with pots, after going thru two cardiac ablation I thought my problems would be I’ve….boy was I mistaken. After the ablation my symptoms got worse!!! Not only did the rapid heart rates continue but the syncope has gotten much worse. I have an appointment at the Cleveland clinic, but till then this has just debilitated me. I have lost alot of weight, always feel tired, rapid heart rate, syncope. I’m just lost, I have been going thru this for ten years. It has been mistaken for many other things such as anxiety and such. I’m so sick of being sick. Wanted to know if anyone has anything they can tell me that has possibly worked for them. Thank you. Being diagnosed with this was an aaaahahhh moment and explains why I’m feeling the way I do, now I just want a little normalcy in my life.


Good job MCHS Austin!


What a wonderful accoplishement MCHS Austin


That's great for us. I would love to see a link to the whole list.


You can see a list of the top 100 by googling the top 100 best hospitals in America .

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