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    “We plan to continue to use the Mayo Clinic, no matter where in the country we live”

Every physician Anne Stohrer and her son turned to for treatment of his chronic knee and hip pain came-up with a non-diagnosis. Many frustrating years passed while they fought to find a care plan that would relieve his pain and allow him to be the young, active boy he wanted to be. As the years passed, Anne found herself at the end of her rope and sought out the center of excellence for knee and hip related issues. Suggestions to Mayo Clinic came rolling in, so she picked up the phone and called. Upon arrival in Rochester, Minn., both Anne and her son were amazed at the level of coordinated, compassionate and patient centered care he received from the team led by Dr. Thomas Mason. Three days after arriving at Mayo, Anne and her son left with a diagnosis, a comprehensive care plan, and peace of mind.

Anne is an OB-GYN physician from Vermont, and her experience with Mayo Clinic changed the way she viewed health care. As a result she decided to seek out her own care at Mayo. She enrolled in the Executive Health program and is back at home in Vermont with her own comprehensive care plan. Anne will tell anyone who cares to listen that she and her family will continue to use Mayo Clinic, "no matter where in the country we live."

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