• Well Living Lab opens during Mayo Clinic Transform 2015

Birds' eye view of Delos-Mayo Clinic Well Living Lab

Delos®, Mayo Clinic collaborate on first ever, human-centered research center
dedicated to creating healthier indoor spaces

Rochester, Minn. (September 30, 2015)— Exposure to indoor environments is at an all-time high. In fact, Americans spend more than 90 percent of their time indoors, whether at home, work, school, retail stores, fitness centers, health care facilities and more. But what many people don’t realize is that buildings, and everything in them, can affect human health and well-being. Today marked the opening of the Well Living Lab, a new research facility dedicated to studying these environments and creating healthier indoor spaces in which to live, work and play.

“There is a growing awareness and body of scientific evidence that indoor, built environments can affect human health and well-being, with the perception often being that indoor environments have a negative impact on health,” said Brent Bauer. M.D., medical director of the Well Living Lab and professor of medicine for Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program. “But new knowledge shows that by building healthier indoor environments, we can actually preserve and enhance human health and quality of life.”

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Delos and Mayo Clinic have collaborated on the design and development of the Well Living Lab, as well as defining the research agenda. The Lab, which is adjacent to the campus of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., features research space that is sensor-rich and can be reconfigured to simulate a wide variety of real-world environments. This will allow researchers to design innovative studies to better understand how indoor spaces, and everything in them, can positively influence human health. Areas of study will include the impact on humans from environmental factors such as lighting, noise, air quality and temperature, as well as products and technologies that are used to create and furnish indoor spaces.

Additionally, opportunities to participate in the Lab are available to companies who have a vested interest in healthier indoor environments for their employees and customers, as well as those whose products and services have the potential to impact indoor environments.

“There is a movement taking hold to make healthier indoor spaces a priority in both residential and commercial real estate,” said Peter Scialla, chief operating officer of Delos and a member of the Lab’s Joint Steering Committee. “Building on existing standards which guide developers and manufacturers of products and services toward this goal, the Well Living Lab will be a leader in translating scientific research into practical solutions for indoor environments that have the potential to enhance human health and quality of life in a multitude of ways.”

The Well Living Lab brings together the health care expertise and world-class research of Mayo Clinic and the knowledge of health and wellness in the built environment provided by Delos. This world-class research approach will leverage and expand upon the principles of the WELL Building Standard®, which focuses on seven categories relevant to indoor health — air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. Pioneered by Delos and launched in 2014, the WELL Building Standard is administered by the International WELL Building Institute and third-party certified through Green Business Certification Inc.

“The Lab gives companies from around the world a unique opportunity to test ideas, technologies, products and services in real-life settings to better identify and validate potential health benefits. In doing so, they can also demonstrate their leadership, innovation and commitment to improving health and well-being now, and in the future,” said Douglas Wood, M.D., medical director, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation.

The Well Living Lab is currently accepting members and identifying initial research projects, which will commence in the first quarter of 2016. To learn more, visit www.WellLivingLab.com or follow on Twitter (@Well_Living_Lab) and Facebook (Well Living Lab).


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