• What Drives Different People Toward Suicide

New research  on what drives different people at various stages of their life toward suicide is being presented at the American Association of Suicidology conference, this weekend. Katherine Brazaitis, of the Catholic University America, and Mayo Clinic researchers say Internal Intervention is the No. 1 reason people feel suicidal – meaning that they thought if they felt better about themselves, they wouldn't have suicidal tendencies.

Other key findings include:  

  • Psychological pain increases with age (reason for suicide in older populations)
  • Self-hate decreases with age (reason for suicide in younger populations)
  • Men and women rate hopelessness statistically similarly (a very common reason for suicidal regardless of age and gender).

Soundbites from Katherine Brazaitis are available in the downloads above.

Broadcast cg title: Katherine Brazaitis, Researcher Catholic University America 

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