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    Women’s Wellness: New Year — New Intimacy

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By Jordan Rullo, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist.

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are about physical and mental health -  lose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking, drink less alcohol. Yet, we often forget about sexual health. People who are happy with their sexual health tend to be happier people.  Why not make a resolution about sexual health?Women's Wellness logo

What’s interesting about these resolutions is they are typically about subtracting something from your life. Take away sugars, eat less, stop smoking and drinking.  But, when we are restricted from doing something, often we want it more or we rebel against making changes. What about adding something? Specifically, what about adding something to strengthen your sexual health and ultimately your happiness?

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Try adding non-demand sensual touching to your intimacy menu. Essentially you and your partner spend at least 20 minutes touching each other sensually with the agreement that the touch will not lead to sexual activity. This touch will only be sensual, with no pressure for sexual arousal or orgasm.

During these non-demand sexual touching exercises, take turns touching. For 10-15 minutes touch your partner all over, using different types of touch with different pressures, touching all areas of the body, paying attention to what it feels like to touch your partner. Explore your partner’s body. Then switch, and it’s your partner’s turn to explore your body.

During these touching exercises, pay attention to the sensations of physical touch. If you find your mind wandering, try to let go of the thoughts and return to the sensations. If you find yourself wondering, “Am I doing this right?” or “Does my partner like this?” let those thoughts pass by, and go back to focusing on the sensations. These exercises are non-demand, which means there’s no pressure do these in a particular way. There is no right way! You’re not doing these to reach any certain goal.Young beautiful couple in love kissing on the beach on sunset.

The purpose of these is to sensually reconnect with your partner, explore his or her body, learn about their body and your own in a non-pressured way.  Add one of these non-demand touching exercises to your relationship once a week.

Worried that you won’t have enough time? Substitute the TV show you each watch one night a week and instead engage in non-demand touching. Or substitute sexual activity once a week with these non-demand sensual touch exercises.

If you’re thinking, well now we’re going to have less sex, or we can’t have sex. . . I want you to really think about why you’re having sex in the first place.Couple love emotions Is it just to engage in the act of sex, whatever that means to you? Or is the connection and closeness you feel with your partner the reason? These exercises are an excellent tool to develop and maintain that closeness. They may sound really simple, but for many couples this is more rewarding emotionally and sensually than the usual sexual routine.

Make your New Year's resolution about improving your sexual health and enjoy this new approach to intimacy. Happy New Year!