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Nov 17, 2016 · Physician burnout: Mayo researchers identify effective interventions

Your article is PC and silly.

Here, real help for doctors facing burnout.

1) It is done intentionally by lawyers in government, and by rich insurance executives, to save money. Each physician generates $millions in costs per year. What the lawyers do not understand is that the return on these costs is 10 times more. Doctors are being played and demoralized on purpose.

2) Your duty is to your patients. Those obstructing care are mortal enemies of your patients. The word, mortal, is physical, and not rhetorical. The lawyers and insurance executives are trying to kill your patients. The deceased generate no medical costs, enriching the mortal enemies of your patients.

3) Fighting back is the best way to prevent burnout, a) legal complaints against all parties obstructing care, because complaints generate legal costs; 2) black lists of enemies of clinical care, with an enforced medical boycott of the people on those lists; 3) direct action groups, by patients and their families, driving out these mortal enemies of patients from the state.