Mayo Clinic News Network  is dedicated to serving and integrating multimedia journalists in a mission to educate and empower health consumers across the globe.  The daily Mayo Clinic News Network feed will provide breakthrough health, science and research news, as well as, general health topic information to engage and grow your English and Spanish speaking audiences.

In today’s fast-paced, multi-tasking, digital media environment you need choices.  Fresh content and archived stories will be available on multiple video, audio, and text formats of various lengths which can be downloaded, embedded, copy/pasted, and printed.  Mayo Clinic News Network offers you the first look at embargoed material that is available on multiple formats.

Our team of responsive, veteran, award-winning journalists and specialists can assist you to secure interviews, video, audio, background, and context.  Our Media Contacts and Experts  link will connect you to these vast resources.  We invite all Mayo Clinic News Network members to share ideas, and exchange video and audio.

Medical Edge TV and Radio  has set rigorous standards for patient based, medically reviewed reporting. This series will continue to evolve and has become a valued asset of  Mayo Clinic News Network.  Our team is privileged to work with the world’s leading medical, science and research experts and assist journalists with diverse medical stories. We will always put the needs of the patient first,  promise to do our best to convey accurate, thorough, ethical information.  We will require that you reciprocate when you write, produce, post, and air your material.  There is no membership fee, but you will need to agree to simple terms which will allow you access to our password-protected site.

We look forward to working with you in this collaborative health information revolution.