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Don’t hesitate, dive into data for COVID-19 vaccine

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Don’t hesitate, dive into data for COVID-19 vaccine
Dec. 17, 2020

The news about COVID-19 vaccines being approved, distributed and administered so quickly is causing concern for some people — what is often referred to as vaccine hesitancy.

"We have always struggled with vaccine hesitancy and a sense of uncertainty," says Dr. Robert Jacobson, a Mayo Clinic pediatric infectious diseases expert and director of Mayo Clinic's Primary Care Immunization program. "But what we have available through this emergency use authorization is worth taking now. I would not delay doing what I could to protect my patients and myself."

In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Jacobson dives into the data, detailing how the randomized controlled trials worked. He also answers questions about COVID-19 vaccines for children and pregnant women, explains why the vaccine doesn't change your genetic makeup and much more.

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