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Episodes Innovation during COVID-19 improves patient care for the future

Innovation during COVID-19 improves patient care for the future
Mar. 5, 2021

At Mayo Clinic in Arizona, the COVID-19 pandemic means expanding virtual capabilities, increasing innovation, communicating and coordinating even more than usual, and streamlining patient care. 

Dr. Richard Gray, CEO of Mayo Clinic in Arizona, says the medical teams and staff continue to be nimble and flexible, and they are learning each step of the way. 

"I think that all of the creative solutions and accelerations in health care transformation will be what we'll carry with us," says Dr. Gray. "Because those will still be a day-to-day part of how we're taking care of patients and how we're performing our research and education duties." 

Dr. Gray adds, "It's validated a lot of our thoughts of what the future should look like for Mayo Clinic and in a patient-centered way."

In this Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Dr. Gray talks about the empathy and bravery of staff, as well as patients. And he expands on how the lessons learned will affect the "Arizona. Bold. Forward." strategy. That strategy will include adding space for inpatient care, outpatient care areas, emergency department and laboratory space, and expanding Mayo Clinic's education and research footprints.