• Back-to-school health topics to be featured on Mayo Clinic News Network

young school children smiling and wearing backpacks, sitting on stairs together

August marks the end of summer for many students and the beginning of a new school year. That fresh start can come with a list of challenges, from giving up game time to getting caught up on vaccinations and much needed sleep.

In August, the Mayo Clinic News Network team will publish content that could ease the transition back to school.

Watch: Back-to-school health topics to be featured on Mayo Clinic News Network.

Here is a schedule of topics that will be covered:

Aug. 1 "Back to school: Building routines"
Aug. 2 "Mayo Clinic Minute: What to do if your child has a gaming addition"
Aug. 3 "Getting a back-to-school physical"
Aug. 6 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Why children should be vaccinated"
Aug. 7 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Are backpacks hurting your students’ backs?"
Aug. 8 "Mayo Clinic Minute: HPV vaccine"
Aug. 9 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Can your child hear?"
Aug. 10 "Mayo Clinic Minute: How to tell if your child has restless leg syndrome"
Aug. 13 "Mayo Clinic Minute: 5 signs your teen might have an eating disorder"
"Infectious Diseases A-Z: Sick kids ─ should they stay or should they go?"
Aug. 14 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Types of eating disorders in teens"
"Back to school: Separation anxiety, fears and stress"
Aug. 15 "Mayo Clinic Minute: What to do if your teen has an eating disorder
"Back to school: Know the warning signs of bullying"
Aug. 16 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Mental health, depression and suicide in adolescents"
Aug. 17 "Teaching kids healthy habits"
"Consumer Health Tips: Is your teen depressed?"
Aug. 20 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Schooling kids on hand-washing"
Aug. 21 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Nutrition and breakfast for kids"
Aug. 22 "Mayo Clinic Minute: After-school snack ideas"
Aug. 23 "Mayo Clinic Minute: How to deal with a child who’s a picky eater"
Aug. 24 "Mayo Clinic Minute: How much sleep do kids need?"
Aug. 27 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Screen time"
Aug. 28 "Mayo Clinic Minute: 5 signs your teenager is battling depression"
Aug. 29 "Mayo Clinic Minute: Back-to-school concussion screening"
"Testing anxiety"
Aug. 30 "Mayo Clinic Q&A: Back-to-school bullying"
Aug. 31 "Mayo Clinic Minute: What your college kid needs to know"

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