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    Back to School: Update Medical Records

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With a new school year about to get underway, moms and dads have no doubt been going down their preparations list: school supplies, car pools, bus schedules - check. Mayo Clinic Children's Center says now's also the time to touch base with the school office to make sure administrators are aware of any special medical conditions, needs or allergies your child may have. In addition, Mayo pediatrician Robert Jacobson, M.D., urges every parent to check on their child’s medical record to make sure it's up to date and that all necessary vaccinations have been given.

Journalists: Sound Bites with Dr. Jacobson are available in the downloads.

/// Sound Bite - CHECK MEDICAL RECORD (Robert Jacobson, M.D., Mayo Clinic Pediatrics) “It’s not just for some of the parents to consider. It’s very easy to fall behind and a simple phone call to your primary care practitioner will assure you that your children are up to date or whether you need to make an appointment.”  TRT  :14

While flu vaccines won't be available for another month or so, Dr. Jacobson says it's a good idea to make a mental note to get children immunized as soon as the vaccine becomes available.

/// Sound Bite - MAKE A FLU SHOT NOTE - (Robert Jacobson, M.D., Mayo Clinic Pediatrics) “School children really benefit from the flu vaccine. While we can’t give it in July or August, as soon as it becomes available, parents should make an effort to get their school children vaccinated.” TRT  :13