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    Consumer Health: Help for dry skin as the seasons change

a close-up of the back of a woman's hand with the word help written in lotionMoisturizers: Options for softer, healthier skin
Fall's cooler temperatures and lower humidity may be drying out your skin. Moisturizers prevent and treat dry skin, protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections. Here are some tips for finding the right moisturizer for your dry skin.


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Quit smoking, gain weight: Is it inevitable?
Thinking of quitting smoking for the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout on Nov. 16 but worried you'll gain weight? Make diet and exercise part of your stop smoking plan, and you may not. Learn more from Dr. J. Taylor Hays, a Mayo Clinic internal medicine and nicotine dependence specialist.

Gaining weight healthfully
Although being lean often can be healthy, being underweight can be a concern if it's the result of poor nutrition, or if you are pregnant or have other health concerns. Healthy ways to gain weight when you're underweight include eating more frequently; choosing nutrient-rich foods; and exercise, especially strength training. Learn more from Katherine Zeratsky, a Mayo Clinic registered dietitian.

Hypothyroidism and calcium supplements
Calcium supplements or antacids containing calcium can interfere with the absorption of thyroid hormone replacement medications and thyroid extract supplements. Other supplements, especially those containing iron, also can interfere with absorption of thyroid hormone replacement, as can certain foods and medications. Learn more from Dr. Todd Nippoldt, a Mayo Clinic endocrinologist

Antibiotics: Misuse puts you and others at risk
The misuse of antibiotics, including taking antibiotics when they're not the appropriate treatment or failing to follow the prescription directions, promotes antibiotic resistance. This contributes to an increasing number of health care problems and deaths from antibiotic-resistant infections. Learn how appropriate use of antibiotics can preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics, extend their life span and protect the public from antibiotic-resistant infections.

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