• By Dana Sparks

Discovery’s Edge: Storytelling on research discoveries at Mayo Clinic

November 22, 2016

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Healing open wounds with regenerative medicine
Imagine a condition bad enough to eat a hole through your body that cannot be surgically repaired. That’s how bad Crohn’s disease can be. Now, a team of Mayo Clinic researchers has found a way to repair that hole using a person’s own stem cells.

Jimmy Carter is not alone: Immunotherapy is helping cure cancer patients
Immunotherapy treatments are proving successful for thousands of patients suffering from melanoma and other cancers. Where did this “new” therapy stem from? In part from early research at Mayo Clinic that is only now starting to make a huge difference.

Last–moment, lifesaving technology: Aortic aneurysms
The aneurysm could burst at any time. The patient was told to settle his affairs, that nothing could be done.  Then, a second chance: a research procedure, an experimental stent and a willingness to try everything possible.

MEDIA CONTACT: Bob Nellis, Mayo Clinic Public Affairs, 507-284-5005, newsbureau@mayo.edu

Finding answers for bipolar disorder from a biobank
After years of trial-and-error medication, patients with bipolar disorder are being treated with drugs that are more likely to match their genetic makeup. In turn, genetic research findings based on biobanked samples are helping psychiatrists link genes to conditions to find better therapies.

Mayo’s education dean wants you to know this isn’t your father’s medical school
The waterfront is changing when it comes to medical education, graduate school and residency programs. Mayo’s new dean of education is also a researcher, and his plans reflect a strong exposure to medical science at all levels.

Video: Regenerative medicine is permeating medical specialties
This video shows how Mayo’s regenerative medicine scientists are translating stem cell techniques and discoveries into applications that are helping patients  now. Not science fiction, not science, but medicine.

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