• Discovery’s Edge: The power of patents

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Inventors and their breakthrough ideas are popular cultural touchstones in America’s history: Benjamin Franklin’s lightning rod; Thomas Edison’s light bulb; the Wright brothers’ first byplane; and Steve Jobs’ garage-built computer. The stories we hear usually celebrate the inventor and the invention, but give little clue to the hours of scientific study that led to the invention. In the medical world, people who make important advances are usually portrayed as brilliant scientists who may make an exciting discovery but rarely follow its subsequent progression through invention and commercialization.

But Richard L. Ehman, M.D., Mayo Clinic physician and scientist is an advocate for physicians and scientists who become inventors and perhaps even entrepreneurs. His advocacy comes with experience. With a long career of research, Dr. Ehman holds more than 40 U.S. and international patents for inventions that have advanced medical imaging.  Read the rest of the article.
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