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    In the Loop: Documenting Mayo – Ken Burns was here, and he’s making a movie

Kens Burns documentary crew filming at Mayo Plummer Building

If you were in downtown Rochester this week for the closing of the Plummer doors in honor of Sister Generose Gervais, you likely noticed a lot of folks capturing the event with their phones and cameras. It was a historic moment, worth documenting and sharing with the world. If you happened to look around, you may have noticed one camera that stood out among them – a serious video camera, surrounded by a serious crew – and thought, “Hey, isn’t that Ken Burns?”

Actually, yes, it was Ken Burns. He and his team were in Rochester to capture the event on Tuesday, Oct. 18. In fact, they’ve been quietly working their way around Mayo over the past year or so for a documentary about ours truly. They’ve been talking with Mayo Clinic leaders, historians, staff and patients, and will be filming for another 10 to 12 months, for a motion picture about Mayo Clinic that will premier (knock on wood) in the fall of 2018.

In fact, this past summer, Burns, who is executive producer of the film, and his hand-picked crew from Ewers Brothers Productions spent some time with Sister Generose. We assume that was something of an education about Mayo’s historical ties with the Sisters of Saint Francis, and they surely got schooled in the values that have guided Mayo Clinic since its earliest days.
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