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    Humanizing the Patient Experience

Diane recently wrote about her friend's experience at Mayo Clinic. Read a few parts of her blog post below.

"My good friend recently received the call that a lot of us baby boomers are dreading. Her mother, who had been ill for several weeks, was diagnosed with cancer...First stop, Mayo Clinic, two and a half hours away...

She immediately felt held, supported, and cared for by a divine presence when they walked through the doors at Mayo Clinic...

ALL personnel, from the housekeeping staff to the nurses to the shuttle driver, asked how they could help...The appointments were all on time, but they had no feelings of being rushed by the providers...

That about sums it up. A patient-centered, service-oriented and humanistic healthcare facility. WOW. It appears it is possible to achieve all of this even in a busy 500-bed referral center where people come from all over the world to be seen and taken care of."

To read the rest of Diane's post, click here.

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