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    Importance of home exercise while being isolated

As social distancing becomes the norm due to COVID-19, it's important to find new ways to remain active, as exercise is important.

"We need fitness for better overall health but in particular to keep our stress level down, especially now. We don't want our muscles to become sedentary since we're staying at home," says Dr. Sunni Alessandria, a Mayo Clinic physical therapist.

Alessandria says that while items such as exercise bands, a fitness ball or weights are useful, you don't need special equipment to stay active at home.

"You can use basic things you can find at your home, including stairs, a wall, a chair ― even things from your pantry like a can of soup or two-pound bag of flour," she says. "If you are outside, a curb or step will work well, too."

Alessandria says it's important to schedule time in your day and create a routine for maximum benefit.

Watch: Importance of home exercise while being in isolation.

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