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Can cochlear implants slow dementia in older adults?

Recent studies have shown a strong link between hearing loss and cognitive decline, with severe hearing loss increasing the risk of cognitive decline by up to fivefold. Learn about the impact cochlear implants have on patients at high risk for dementia.

Removing skin cancer with Mohs surgery

Mohs surgery is one of the most successful surgical treatments for skin cancer. It is intended to remove all the cancerous tissue and leave as much healthy neighboring skin and tissue as possible.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Coping with cancer-related fatigue

People can experience cancer-related fatigue before, during and after treatments. This is different from the typical tiredness. It's the type of tiredness that won't go away if you rest a bit.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Improvements in prostate surgery

Treatments for prostate cancer vary, including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, ablative therapy, immunotherapy, targeted drug therapy, radiation and prostate robotic surgery. Dr. Matthew Tollefson, a urologist at Mayo Clinic, explains how advancement in robotic prostate surgery is making it easier for patients to get back on their feet.

Baby on board? Don't let the heat put you in peril

With summer temperatures soaring, pregnant women need to be extra cautious to avoid heat-related health issues. The body's natural cooling mechanisms are already working overtime during pregnancy, making it more difficult to regulate temperature.