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    In the Loop: Doctors dance at patient’s wedding, 17 years after saving her life

heart transplant patient Stephani at her wedding with her cardiologists
Stefani and Trevan Thompson's wedding reception was like many others. There was the couple's first dance and the traditional father-daughter dance, which featured a cut-in from the bride's grandfather. And then there was the doctor-patient dance. Or, in this case, the doctor-doctor-doctor-doctor-patient dance — where the bride busts a move with the people who helped save her life 17 years earlier.

The sweet story behind that dance starts when the bride was just 8 years old. She'd come to Mayo Clinic's Rochester campus after a virus damaged her heart, and for a time, it looked like she might not survive. But one September day back in 1999, a heart transplant restored Stefani to life. In the years since, she's achieved milestone after milestone, from attending prom (where she had another memorable dance with one of her doctors) to graduating from college and becoming a pediatric nurse herself. Read the rest of Stefani's story.
This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.