• In the Loop: Get me to the church on time

In the Loop patient Chris Nutter and his daughter Mackenzy on her wedding day

Just three weeks after a combined liver and kidney transplant at Mayo Clinic in Florida, Chris Nutter was able to fly to New York to surprise his daughter and walk her down the aisle.

Chris Nutter thought the jig was up. That all the preparation he and his care team at Mayo Clinic had put into surprising his daughter Mackenzy was foiled by bad timing. "They were sneaking me into the hotel, and my future son-in-law was standing right in the lobby with his groomsmen," Chris tells us. "So I got busted."

Luckily, Mackenzy wasn't there to spot her dad, but the reaction from Chris' future son-in-law was a pretty good indicator of what was to come. "He had tears in his eyes. I thought he was going to collapse," Chris tells us. "He looked at me and said, 'The only thing Mackenzy has said she wanted for her wedding was for you to be here to walk her down the aisle, and she didn't think that was going to happen. It's beyond belief that you're here right now.'"

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