• By Dana Sparks

It’s National Rural Health Day

November 15, 2012

Country living has long been associated with good health and life longevity. Such could be the case for 112-year-old Anna Stoehr who lives on a farm near Plainview, Minn. Her physician, Robert Taylor, D.O., recently commented that, "Her long life is a mix of good genetics, healthy/clean living and remaining active." Since this is National Rural Health Day, celebrating Anna seems appropriate!

While the doctor house calls of her youth are no longer common, the technology advancements of today are certainly benefiting rural patients. A family medicine provider with Mayo Clinic Health System  in Lake City, Ruth Tiffault, D.O., says, “If ever we need expert advice, it’s always available ... right at our fingertips.” Electronic medical records and telemedicine are two such advancements Dr. Tiffault has seen in her practice. 

B-roll and sound bites with Dr. Tiffault and Anna Stoehr are available in the downloads.

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Dr. Ruth Tiffault, MCHS in Lake City, Minn.
Anna Stoehr, 112 year old rural patient