• Mayo Clinic Minute: Survey reveals cancer is top health care concern

A woman patient receives a cancer diagnosis from the doctor.Results from the latest Mayo Clinic National Health Check-Up put cancer at the top of a list of American health care concerns. Survey participants labeled brain cancer the scariest form of the disease, followed by pancreatic, lung and breast cancer.

“While cancer is the biggest concern, nearly three-quarters of respondents believe that at least some progress is being made in finding answers,” says Dr. John Wald, medical director for Public Affairs at Mayo Clinic. “Indeed, early detection and treatment advances are improving outcomes.”

The Mayo Clinic National Health Check-Up explores a variety of health perspectives and behaviors among American adults. The latest edition of the survey was conducted in July and includes responses from 1,012 participants on questions about brain health, sleep routines and more.

In this Mayo Clinic Minute, reporter Jeff Olsen speaks with Dr. Wald about what was revealed in the analysis.

Watch: The Mayo Clinic Minute

Journalists: Broadcast-quality video pkg (1:02) is in the downloads. Read the script.

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