• Mayo Clinic Minute: Tips for traveling to developing countries

When you pack for a trip to a developing country, planning ahead is key to making sure your travels go smoothly. Your preparations should include gathering all of the health and medical supplies you'll need while away. Dr. Mary Jo Kasten, a Mayo Clinic infectious disease specialist, recommends travelers make a checklist of everything they'll need, so they don't get stuck in a new environment, searching for where to buy much-needed items they left behind.

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Millions of people hit the road and skies for work and leisure travel. Dr. Mary Jo Kasten says many travelers who go to developing countries are great about getting vaccines or medications to prevent diseases such as malaria. But many forget to pack their everyday items.

“They want to make sure that they’re bringing, you know, products that they’ve needed here.”

Make sure you have prescription medications packed to last the length of your journey. Be sure to pack first-aid supplies; contact solution; insect repellent; sunscreen; hand sanitizer; feminine products; over-the-counter medications, such as antacids, anti-diarrhea medications and pain relievers; and U.S.-made condoms. Also, pack medications for recurrent issues. For example, for women …

“… if you’ve had a yeast infection in the past, bring something for that, because, sometimes on your trips, you end up ─ you get diarrhea. You take an antibiotic. And then you end up with a yeast infection.”

Dr. Kasten says a little planning ahead can make your trip better.

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