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    Mayo Clinic Minute: What to expect during your child’s physical

Before the start of the school year, many kids get physical exams. Dr. Alva Roche Green, a family medicine specialist at Mayo Clinic, says yearly visits to your healthcare provider help make sure your child is healthy and ready to learn.

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Back-to-school physicals. Do kids really need them? Dr. Roche Green says, ‘Yes.’

“You want to check their hearing, their vision, their height and weight to make sure they’re growing appropriately. And check their development to make sure that your child’s development is appropriate for their age.”

If your provider notices any developmental delays, you can intervene early.

“You can actually make a big impact on your child’s ability to learn and grow by having them get the appropriate services.”

Other benefits of back-to-school exams include updating vaccinations.

“Before kids enter kindergarten, first grade, there’s a specific set of vaccines that are required by most states. And usually before kids enter 7th grade, there’s another set of vaccines.”

Exams are also a great time for parents to ask any questions they may have about their child’s health. Back-to-school physicals are key to making sure your child is healthy and ready for a new school year.