• Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy App is Now Available on iPhone/iPod

iPhone Pregnancy App graphic of pregnant woman in white sleeveless shirt

Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy is a trustworthy guide to pregnancy, childbirth and baby’s first three months. It was developed to leverage the medical and lifestyle expertise of Mayo's team of pregnancy experts in obstetrics and gynecology, genetics, nutrition, midwifery, and lactation. Plans are underway to release the app for Android devices later this year.

Person's hand holding iPhone with image of Mayo Clinic Pregnancy App

Roger Harms, M.D., a Mayo Clinic specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, says, “Getting pregnant and becoming a parent are among the most significant experiences in a person's life and can be overwhelming. This app will guide you from conception to delivery, and see you through the first three months with your newborn to give you peace of mind and enhance your sense of wonder throughout the experience.”

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Journalists: Sound bites with Dr. Harms and b-roll of a patient using the app are available in the downloads



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