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    Mayo Clinic opens first gluten-free kitchen, offers gluten-free meal items in Rochester

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Items prepared in the new Mayo Clinic gluten-free kitchen will be available for staff and visitors on July 13. This kitchen ― believed to be the first of its kind for any hospital nationally ― was built in part to support the world-class celiac disease research program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

The gluten-free kitchen, which is separate from all other production areas, follows strict ingredient, preparation and packaging processes to prevent gluten-containing products from coming in contact with the gluten-free food. This program also expands the options for those with celiac or other gluten sensitivities.

Items include:

  • Chia strawberry parfait
  • Roast beef and arugula sandwich
  • Tuscan chicken sandwich
  • Orange jicama slaw
  • Tossed salads
  • Hummus with crudites

Visitors and employees can look for these items in a designated gluten-free zone at  Mayo Clinic Food Services locations and can identify them by the gluten-free icon on the packaging.

Patient pilot also beginning

A pilot with gluten-free items for Rochester inpatients also will begin July 20. Patients with regular, gluten-free diets can order meals from the new gluten-free menu. They will use the same ordering process they use now. They are asked to place their orders one day in advance.

The culinary staff at the gluten-free kitchen will prepare and package individual meals for delivery to the hospitals for delivery to the patient by trained patient dining associates. This pilot menu will supplement the current gluten-avoidant offerings available for patients. This menu is expected to expand in 2021.

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