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    Mayo Clinic Platform Conference 2022

Graphic representation Mayo Clinic Platform Conference 2022

Government, academic and industry leaders from around the world will come to Rochester, Minnesota, July 26–27 for the Mayo Clinic Platform Conference. The invitation-only event will bring together 175 industry experts, policymakers, investors, startups, and CEOs from Mayo Clinic Care Network hospitals to discuss new technologies and solutions. 

During the event, these top leaders in health technology and medicine will discuss new opportunities, new ideas and breakthrough solutions that will shape the future of care.

"This is a very unique opportunity to move the industry forward by bringing together those who have great innovative ideas and risk-taking with those who are making policy. I really look forward to it," says Dr. John Halamka, president of Mayo Clinic Platform.

Journalists: Broadcast-quality B-roll and sound bites with Dr. Halamka are available in the downloads at the end of the post. Please courtesy “Mayo Clinic News Network. ”Name super/CG: John Halamaka, M.D./President/Mayo Clinic Platform

Dr. Halamka delivered the welcome address and spoke on exploring and implementing new ideas and new technologies for a healthier world.

Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, Mayo Clinic's president and CEO, was the keynote speaker, discussing the imperative to change health care from within.

“We are at a point where right now tools and insights developed by Mayo Clinic Platform can be deployed as embedded solutions, combined with data collaboration, to take the transformative power of platform-based health care into clinics and hospitals across the country and the world,” says Dr. Farrugia.

The conference also includes these four speakers:

  • Atul Butte, M.D., chief data scientist, University of California Health System.
  • Aashima Gupta, director of Global Healthcare Solutions, Google Cloud.
  • Michael Howell, M.D., chief clinical officer, Google.
  • Micky Tripathi, Ph.D., national coordinator of health information technology, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Department of Health and Human Services.

Other speakers also will present. And attendees will participate in breakout sessions with expert panels discussing a variety of topics, including technology driving complex care at home, artificial intelligence (AI) adoption for clinical practice, and taking telemedicine into the future.

The conference will wrap up with the Accelerate Showcase, which will feature four companies that have worked with Mayo Clinic Platform as part of its Accelerate Program for the past 20 weeks:

  • Cliexa
    Cliexa is tackling opioid risk prediction using AI.
  • Science IO
    Science IO is using AI tools and technology to make health care more transparent and equitable.
  • Seer Medical
    Seer Medical is using AI to predict seizures before they happen.
  • Quadrant Health
    Quadrant Health is predicting patient harm before it occurs.

These companies have been working to develop and validate their AI-driven health care product or solution and advance their business plans through Mayo Clinic Platform's Accelerate Program. Each company will be given 10 minutes to demonstrate its product or solution.

"The cohorts that are the Mayo Clinic Accelerate group, we have been able to take Mayo Clinic expertise, Mayo Clinic's deidentified data and extraordinarily energetic small companies, and come up with breakthrough innovations, products and solutions that are more than Mayo itself would devise," says Dr. Halamka.

The second cohort of the Accelerate program will be announced the week of Monday, Aug. 1.