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    Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minute Downloads (January 2014)

Here are your Mayo Clinic Radio Health Minutes  for the month of January, 2014.  To download, right click on each link and "save target as".  Depending on your internet connection, this may take a few moments.  This month we have added a zip file of the entire month's content for one easy download.

Here's The Zip File

January Radio audio 2014


And here are the individual files

1-01-14 Dandruff in Winter

1-02-14 Sleep Disordered Breathing in Kids

1-03-14 Multiple Transplant

1-06-14 Bariatrics No Quick Fix

1-07-14 Gut Bacteria and RA

1-08-14 Mastectomy

1-09-14 Treating Voice Disorders

1-10-14 Cold Allergy

1-13-14 Bile and Bile Ducts

1-14-14 What Causes Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia

1-15-14 Treating Carotid Artery Disease

1-16-14 Winter Dry Skin

1-17-14 Scoliosis Screening

1-20-14 Gastric Bypass Complications

1-21-14 Treating Rectal Cancer

1-22-14 Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

1-23-14 Nose and Sinus Problems

1-24-14 Age and Contacts

1-27-14 Treating Hemochromatosis

1-28-14 NOTES Surgery

1-29-14 Cost for Donation

1-30-14 Weight Loss and Portion Size

1-31-14 Acute Kidney Injury Study

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